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  • An Impression of Miles: The Kid with the Crazy Socks

    A story about a kid with brain cancer is supposed to be depressing, but somehow, this one isn’t. Miles Austrevich wore crazy socks and loved monkeys.  He took pictures, ate sushi, watched movies and had diverse musical taste, ranging from Beach House to Kanye West.  He knew about history, studied art and read technology blogs. No matter who you were, if you talked to him for a few minutes, you’d learn something.

    He has impacted people all over the world, turning something as simple as laughter into an inspiring mission to help others.  The first thing Miles said when he found out about Jokes4Miles was, “We should do this for other kids.”

    Despite its severity, his illness never defined him.  He was a heroic individual who changed my life for the better. Miles Austrevich wasn’t just a brave kid who fighting a life-threatening disease.  He was a brave kid fighting a life-threatening disease who wore crazy socks.  – Jeremy


    Miles and his father Len shared a love of comedy. Jokes4Miles began as a way for friends, family members, comedians and participating website visitors to cheer him up by collecting 5,000 jokes and well wishes. The project quickly gathered momentum, attracting major media attention and participation by celebrities. Now it has become an international movement with a broader mission.

    Honoring his legacy we provide custom pages for nominated individuals in similar situations all over the world and share their stories. We consider them heroes, and you can send them videos directly. Dedicated to parents and caregivers, our family resource page provides information, advice and links to other organizations that offer support. We also promote interaction with other members of the Jokes4Miles community on our message boards. Miles’ monkeys are the interns and volunteers who help keep Jokes4Miles up and running.

    All of this is accomplished without soliciting the general public for donations. We have no agenda other than providing a free and uplifting experience. At Jokes4Miles we believe that laughter is the best medicine.

    Thank you for visiting. Our mission is a positive one and we seek to improve lives around the world.



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    Job Name: Video Editor

    Edit video submissions, promotional reels and help with media management. Proficiency with Final Cut Pro 7 is required. Animation, title and effects skills are preferred.

    Job Name: Social Media & Marketing

    Design and execute marketing campaigns through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, MySpace and more.

    Job Name: Graphic Artist

    Develop our identity through art direction, print and web layouts and promotional item design for marketing materials and posters.