Meet Miles! How Jokes4Miles Started!

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Meet Miles

An Impression of Miles: The Kid with the Crazy Socks

A story about a kid with brain cancer is supposed to be depressing, but somehow, this one isn’t.  Miles Austrevich wears crazy
socks and loves monkeys.  He takes pictures, eats sushi, watches movies and has diverse musical taste, ranging from Beach
House to Kanye West.  He knows about history, studies art and reads technology blogs.  No matter who you are, if you talk to
him for a few minutes, you’ll learn something.
He and his father have impacted people all over the world, turning something as simple as laughter into an inspiring mission
to help others.  The first thing he said when he found out about Jokes4Miles was, “We should do this for other kids.”
Despite its severity, his illness doesn't define him.  He’s a heroic individual who has, personally, changed my life for the better.
Miles Austrevich is not just a brave man fighting a life-threatening disease.  He’s a brave man fighting a life-threatening
disease who wears crazy socks.  -- Jeremy
His Blog
"It all started at the end of October of 2008. Towards the end of the month, I started getting really thirsty all the time..."
Read more for a first hand account of Miles' life and experience fighting cancer.
Coming Soon
Miles' Photos - Learn about Miles' passion for photography and see pictures he has taken on his trip to the Grand Canyon
and elsewhere.
Miles' Playlists - Miles loved music. He postponed a chemotherapy treatment just so he could attend the Pitchfork Music
Festival in Chicago.  Watch this cool Pitchfork video HERE.
Miles' Favorite Jokes - You can't watch 3,000 jokes without having some favorites.  Miles has a great sense of humor. Check
out some of his favorite jokes that have been sent in.
Miles' Tips - Parents, caregivers and patients fighting life-threatening diseases isn't easy. See what Miles has to say.