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We ask for jokes, not donations
  • About Jokes4Miles

    MISSION STATEMENT - We have no agenda other than providing a free and uplifting experience.  We want to help children and their families with jokes and well-wishes, as we know how difficult it is to feel normal when facing a life threatening disease.  Our campaigns and Joke-A-Thons rally the community together and provide an opportunity to support children fighting cancer without spending money.  Our venue and production services are also provided free of charge.

    PHILOSOPHY - We ask for jokes — not donations. The cancer world can be disorienting, so we like to think of ourselves as a way station for weary travelers to refuel their spirits before continuing on their journey. Our fuel comes in the form of jokes, resources and all-around support for anybody and everybody in the cancer community. Nobody has to be alone - Jokes4Miles provides firsthand accounts from others who have been in your shoes and are willing to pass along their stories in the hopes of making your journey just a little easier.

    HISTORY - Jokes4Miles began with a father’s goal to rally 5,000 jokes for Miles Austrevich — a young man fighting brain cancer.  Friends, family members, comedians and participating website visitors cheered up Miles, sending in jokes and well wishes. The project quickly gathered momentum and was embraced worldwide, gathering media and celebrity participation.  Although Miles passed away in December, 2012, we honor his legacy by helping other children and families.

    ABOUT MILES - A story about a kid with brain cancer is supposed to be depressing, but somehow, this one isn’t. Miles Austrevich wore crazy socks and loved monkeys.  He took pictures, ate sushi, watched movies and had diverse musical taste,ranging from Beach House to Kanye West.  He knew about history, studied art and read technology blogs. No matter who you were, if you talked to him for a few minutes, you’d learn something.

    He has impacted people all over the world, turning something as simple as laughter into an inspiring mission to help others.  The first thing Miles said when he found out about Jokes4Miles was, “We should do this for other kids.” Despite its severity, his illness never defined him.  He was a heroic individual who changed my life for the better. Miles Austrevich wasn’t just a brave kid fighting a life-threatening disease.  He was a brave kid fighting a life-threatening disease who wore crazy socks.  - Jeremy Caplan, Co-Founder

    FUNNY MERCH & CANCER SUPPORT - Proceeds from merchandise sales underwrite our programs so we never have to ask the public for donations.



    A LOVE OF COMEDY - As a child, from day one, Miles bounced on the laps of many comedians, including Bill Hicks, Richard Jeni and Paul Provenza. While growing up, he frequented the comedy clubs his father owned and managed. The two enjoyed hanging out backstage at Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show and Conan O’Brien — a treat provided by their buddy T. Sean Shannon. In high school, Miles volunteered at a venue his father ran, where they both enjoyed watching the likes of Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Robin Williams and Miles’ favorite — Hannibal Buress. Miles used laughter as one of his most effective forms of treatment.