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      yeh pyaar kya hai?pyaar zindagi hai…pyaar khushia hai…pyaar asoon bhi ahi….aur hasi bhi..kabhi din me dikhti hue sitare hai..to kabhi raat me dikhte hue suraj. pyaar sangeet hai..jiski sur hamesha dil me rehte hai..pyaar dewanapan hai….diwangi ki haad tak hai..pyaar jajbaat hai..jo hum e kahi bhi le ja sakta hai..yeh ek ehssas hai jo hum mehsus kaar sakte hai.. pyaar dil ki aina hai.. jaha pe sab kuch nazar ata hai..pyaar vishwas hai…jo agar tut gaya to zindagi badal jati hai..pyaar takat hai..jo hum e jine ki aas deta hai aur marne ki himmat..pyaar aag hai…jo kisi ko bhi jaala sakta hai.. pyaar tufan hai..jo sab kuch bikhar kaar rakh deta hai..yeh badal hai….barish bhi..isme samunder ki tarha leher bhi hai…to kabhi nadi ki tarha shant bhi..pyaar mano jaise jharna hai..jo beh jate hai leikin yade chhor jata hai.. pyaar kismat hai…mano jise mil gaya,usse saab kuch mil jata hai..saab se bar kar, pyaar pyaar hota hai..jo ki nahin jata…baas ho jata hai..Ho ker Zameen Ka, Aasmaan Ki Chaah Kyon KaroonMain Tujh ko Paanay Ki Tamanna Kyon KaroonMujh ko Khabar Hai Judaai Tarpayegi Tujhe Har PalIs hi liye Bata de Main Tujh se Wafa Kyon Karoon Meri Masoomiyat Ko Rab Ne Banaaya Hai Mohabbat Ke liyeTujhe may Chahne Ki Phir Main Khata Kyon KaroonFarishtay Bhi Tadap Jaatay Hongay Jab meree Aankh Se Ashk Chalaktay HainYeh Dard Tujhe De ker Main Koi Gunnah Kyon KaroonTeri Meri Qismat Ki Raahae Hain Judaa JudaaMain Phir Tera Ban jaaney Ki Aarzoo Kyon KaroonMeri Hathoon Ki Lakiroon Mein Nahi Hai Naam TeraMain Tera Naam Apne Naam Se Milanay Ki Justajoo Kyon KaroonMeri Baatain Tere Dil Mein Hamesha Bass Jaati HainIs Baat Ki Khabar Rakh Kar Main Koi Guftagoo Kyon KaroonBatoon Batoon Main Benaam Fasaanay Ban jaate HainAur Aisi Adhuri Kahaani Ko Main Shuroo Kyon KaroonJo Bhi Jazbaat Hai Dil Mein Dil Tak Mehfooz HainYeh Bataoo Ke Main Unka Zikar Dubara Kyon KaroonMaana Ke Mohabbat Bhari Nazar Dil Par Gehra Asar Karti Hai Usay Pyaar Se Dekh Ker Us Par Koi Jaadoo Kyon KaroonMere Liye Yeh Mumkin Nahi Ke Main Tera Ban jaoun KabhiLekin Main Tujhse Mohabbat Ka Izhaar Kyon Karoon…Bahut Ajeeb Se Lagte Ho,Dur Rehkar Bhi Dil Ke Bahut Kareeb Lagte Ho… Malum Hai Tumhe Hum Paa Na Sakenge, Phir Kyun Tum Hume ,, Humare Naseeb Lagte Ho….Teri dosti hum is tarah nibhayenge,Tum roz khafa hona hum roz manayenge…Par maan jana manane se,Warna yeh bheegee palkein le ke kaha jayenge… Aazmaish pyaar me jaruri ho sakti hai,Na mil pana kisi ki majburi ho sakti hai… Yaad dur se kar sakte hain,Par dil ki hasrat to milne se he puri ho sakti hai…. Jeena chahte hain magar zindagi raas nahi aati,Marna chahte hain magar maut paas nahi aati… Bahut udas hain hum is zindagi se,Unki yaadein bhi to tadpane se baaz nahi aati….Apna dil apni tabahi ka sabak hota hai,Yeh jawani ka zamana bhi ajab hota hai.. Kaun si baat ne kis sakhs ka dil tod diya,Bolne wale ko aehsaas bhi kab hota hai… Tum mujhe bhul na paoge,Is kadar hum tumhe yaad aayenge… Yakeen na aaye to aaine me dekhna,Teri aankhon me hum nazar aayenge…. Waqt guzarta raha par sanse thami si thi,muskura rahe the hum, par ankho mein namisi thi,sath hamare ye jahan tha sara,par na jane kyun kisi ki kami si thi….

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