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230 adults 104 kids FROM 35 cities 24 states 16 countries TOLD BY 65 comedians 7 celebrities 2 musicians 1 athlete 7 animals

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How Did You Hear About Us?:

STORY - For the past three years, my son Miles has been fighting brain cancer. While in the hospital, I asked his schoolmates, doctors, comedians, celebrities and total strangers to tape a joke for him to watch.

Now, as he’s facing a third recurrence, I'm on a quest to get 5,000 people to tape a quick joke or well-wish, to show him he’s not alone in his fight against cancer.

Do you have a joke? CLICK HERE to show Miles you're in his corner.

NO SMALL PLANS - As we attempt to get 5,000 people to tell Miles a joke, we hope to create awareness worldwide and inspire people to go out of their way to tell a joke to someone facing a serious illness. We will soon be reaching out to other kids like Miles.

DOCUMENTARY - Soon, Miles will be visiting National Parks to photograph them. We hope to rally 5,000 jokes before we hit the Redwoods! We will be documenting this journey and Miles’ story of facing adversity with humor. To learn more and how you can support our efforts, CLICK HERE.

If you know a child fighting cancer who you think would benefit from our mission, send us your contact information so we can discuss delivering them personalized jokes and messages.

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Once we reach our goal of 5,000 Jokes4Miles, we will begin helping other children by delivering at NO CHARGE, personalized jokes and well wishes through their own password-protected web page that we manage.

We take submissions, edit for content, label and upload messages from family, friends and strangers alike. Children can view these from their own computer; even while in the hospital. On a child's behalf, Jokes4Miles will approach favorite entertainers and athletes for submissions. These pages will provide a fun communication hub between the children and those unable to visit in person.