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    There is a lot you can say about Jokes4Miles, and there’s a lot of messages we have received from friends, family, and total strangers, which you can check out here.

    “A story about a kid with brain cancer is supposed to be depressing, but somehow, this one isn’t. Miles Austrevich wore crazy socks and loved monkeys.  He took pictures, ate sushi, watched movies and had diverse musical taste, ranging from Beach House to Kanye West.  He knew about history, studied art and read technology blogs. No matter who you were, if you talked to him for a few minutes, you’d learn something. He and his father have impacted people all over the world, turning something as simple as laughter into an inspiring mission to help others.  The first thing Miles said when he found out about Jokes4Miles was, ‘We should do this for other kids.’ Despite its severity, his illness never defined him.  He was a heroic individual who changed my life for the better. Miles Austrevich wasn’t just a brave kid fighting a life-threatening disease.  He was a brave kid fighting a life-threatening disease who wore crazy socks.”  – Jeremy Caplan, Co-Founder

    Check out Miles’ blog to see how he faced his journey with a complete understanding of treatments here.

    Message on Miles’ passing (12/23/2012) by his dad here.

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